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Certificates & Scientific findings


Let's dive into the research that supports the theory that Shungite can actually block electromagnetic frequencies!

Shungite EMF Case Study Overview 

Case Study #1:  Method of containing radiation using fullerene molecules shows how a container made with Shungite was built to contain radiation. 

Case Study #2: Electromagnetic Wave Absorbing Properties of Amorphous Carbon Nanotubes are used to block radar frequencies.

Case Study #3: Electromagnetic wave absorption material and various items is a patent that uses Shungite as a coating to protect the circuit boards from electromagnetic interference. 


Case Studies in More Detail

The first case study is patent #US5640705A. This patent has been filed for utilizing fullerene carbon molecules to contain radiation from nuclear waste.

This nuclear waste containment system is comprised of fullerene carbon layers that prevent nuclear radiation from leaking out of the containment vessel.

Although there is a ton of information in this patent, if you look up the

"Detailed Description" section, you will find this: "C60 is the only single-layer


Fullerene molecule that will completely contain high energy ionizing radiation.

Under specific temperature and pressure conditions, C60 can completely

absorb the five main types of harmful, high energy, ionizing radiation; namely,

alpha, beta, gamma, X-ray, and neutron radiation."

The natural state of a fullerene present in Shungite is the 60 molecule

structure. As stated in the quote, this type of fullerene carbon is capable of absorbing the five main types of harmful radiation.

This is because the natural fullerene works as an absolute vacuum as it is hollow on the inside. This vacuum filters out impurities in water along with absorbing electromagnetic frequencies and radio waves.


My second case study is a scholarly article released by Scientific Reports #5619 (2014).

In this experiment, carbon nanotubes were utilized to create a Radar Absorbing Material (RAM) to block radar stealth technology.

The study has shown that carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have excellent electromagnetic wave absorption performance due to its unique structure and extreme electrical conductivity.

Carbon nanotubes are created by fullerenes, which as we know are naturally present in Shungite.

We can then deduce that since carbon nanotubes are extremely efficient at blocking radar waves, the natural form of the fullerene has the power to absorb these waves as well.

My third case study is another patent JP2003243878A from Japan.
The invention in this patent is the development of a coating on a circuit board

that blocks electromagnetic interference (EMI).

The invention uses a layer of Shungite (referred to as Shun Gaito) along with

other layers of carbon to absorb EMI.

The patent claims that out of all the carbon materials used, the Shungite offers

the best performance to eliminating the most EMI.

I have also found a couple of videos that show Shungite blocking EMFs in


If you feel you need more evidence, I suggest looking up "Shungite radiation

absorption" in Google Scholar and Google Patents. It will give you several more case studies pertaining to this topic.


Shungite And Scientific Findings
Written by Regina Cal


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