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Elevate Your Self-Care Journey with the Vallarta Blends Immersive Kit for Enhanced Mental Well-Being

Self-care is a vital aspect of mental well-being, and embracing mindfulness and relaxation practices in your daily life can help alleviate stress and enhance overall mental health. The Vallarta Blends Kit, featuring  essential oil, soap, scented candle and a Shungite Pendant, is designed to provide a sensory experience that elevates your self-care journey, promoting relaxation and tranquility..

Shungite pendants-2_edited.jpg

Shungite pendants

Shungite’s unique properties, such as its ability to neutralize electromagnetic radiation, are thought to foster a harmonious energy environment conducive to spiritual practices and personal growth. Many individuals use the black stone for protection against negative energies and to enhance their intuitive abilities.


Donkey milk soap


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