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 Our Oil Blends 

Serenity is a concept related to the idea of mindful living. It cherishes simplicity and tranquility by encouraging us to live in the present moment. 

Serenity is a state of being that inspires us to live with wisdom and compassion towards oneself, others, and nature. Let’s take a moment to reconnect with our minds and bodies through mindfulness, by gently encouraging a sense of Serenity into our evening routine. 

This blend has been designed to improve sleep by providing an opportunity to create a calming environment and mental state, promoting relaxation and rest before bed. Let’s take a moment to care for our body and mind, by taking some time to support our sleep.. This kit encourages the use an evening routine to support the nervous system and prepare for a relaxing experience before bed.


Instructions for Use:

    • Activate — put on the customized music 

    • Hydrate — sip the tea throughout the experience 

    • Soak — step into a bath for 15-20mins

    • Apply — roll on the essential oil (at temples, neck, and wrists) in the evening

    • Breath — take 3-5 deep breaths of the scent

    • Light — burn the incense in a proper place 

    • Meditate — while burning the incense, meditate for 10-15 mins

    • Sense — you are grounded and peaceful, now is the best time to go to bed

    *We encourage you to follow along with the steps outlined above at your own pace, the times given are only suggestions.

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